Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32-64 bit Serial Number Key Patch

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32-64 bit Serial Number Key Patch

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32 64 bit is a powerful and professional approach towards advanced video editing. It comes with complete set of tools required professionally. It can convert edit and customize the media files. It has support for the all types of the media files. So it saves the time of files conversion before editing. It has built in converter to overcome such conditions. Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32 bit comes with the enhanced 4k videos support. It support all type of 4k quality videos. It enhances and edit them very effectively.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 64 bit has many editing features. It can make layers and add different effects to the videos. It has very innovative and rich features. Different customization are available to play with. It converts 2D to 3D in simple and easy steps. Its use of GPU makes it render fast. It uses GPU to do tasks fast without effecting computer performance. It has real time and very extensive media management. Multi audio tracks can be added. This option is very useful for the audio effects. It supports all  type of video formats. All popular and known plus other formats are supported by it.

New Version Released: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Crack


  • Unparalleled Video Editing Power: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Full have very innovative and rich features. This thing make it a unparalleled competitor in the video editing.
  • Expanded Edit Mode: The edit point of the video can be viewed by double clicking it. This thing make it easier the editing. The loop point can be set to make it more accurate and professional. The Pro touch can be given.
  • Project Interchange: Projects of different formats and file type can be added. These projects can be converted for the later use.
  • 4K Support: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Cracked comes with the support for ultra high quality 4k videos. It has flexible support for the 4k videos. A new approach towards technology.
  • GPU Acceleration: Sony Vegas Pro 13 with Crack take full advantage of GPU. With its enhanced GPU integration it makes videos rendering blazing fast.
  • Multi Format Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 2015 eliminates the need for the file converters. It render all type of video formats. It saves time and also extra space which file converters takes.
  • Video Effect and Composting: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Serial Number comes with the video editing options. It can add layer to the videos. It has different 32 effects which it uses for different customization.
  • Creation of 3D projects: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Key comes with 3D making option. It makes 3D videos and clips more easily as compared to 2D.
  • Multitrack Audio Envirenment: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Patch hsa different options available for the audio optimization. It supports multitrack, recording and editing of audio.
  • Media Management:  Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Full Version has full management for media. It can extensively capture, import and export videos and media.
  • Blu-ray Authoring: Media created by Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Serial Number can author and create bluray discs.

Whats new in this Version:

  • With new project handler include. It collaborate to the project and take it to the next level.
  • Use of Sony wireless adapter to send proxies to the cloud.
  • All project can be archived for the use in the future.
  • Addition of many new video plugins.
  • More options are added to the software. Already present features are improved.

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Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32-64 bit Serial Number Key Patch

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32-64 bit Serial Number Key Patch

Official Setup / Crack / Mirror


  • Download Sony Vegas Pro 13 setup from the links prrovided.
  • Now install it by following installation steps.
  • After the installation do not open the program. Close the program if already opened.
  • Now download the Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack from the links given.
  • After download extract it and open it.
  • Give the installation directory to the patcher for the cracking of Sony Vegas Pro 13.
  • Its activated successfully. Enjoy!
  • If you face any problem regarding download links or registration of the software. Feel free to comment below in the comment box given at the end of the page.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack 32-64 bit Serial Number Key Patch

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      • I have downloaded it but it refuse to run on my pc. My pc is 32 bit os.. Is there any other way i can run it on this my pc?. if i right click and say open, it will not respond. If i right click and click RUNAS ADMINISTRATOR, It will bring out the box for RUN. but as i click to run, it will not bring out anyother thing again. Pls help me out here. Thanks

  1. Mi PC is not opening the file. I click in the .exe file and it does the installation but it doesn’t continue its work. what can i do?

  2. I seem to be running into a slight issue. I’ve installed and extracted into the proper location but when I run and click patch nothing happens. I’ve tried the initial DL and a mirror and reinstalling 13 to no avail. If you could advise further that would be appreciated.

  3. When i download it says that the crack is dangerous for my pc. i never used this site, so it’s kinda risky for me? so is it?

  4. i extracted the crack to vegas, but when i tried to open vegas it still asked for the serial number :/

  5. i have installed the patch multiple times and I don’t understand where i open it. I’ve downloaded it and installed it but i don’t know how to open it and how to find the serial number, please help!

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing ! The crack is blocked by my computer because it’s seem to be dangerous, what can i do ?

  7. File have thorgan hazard…
    & I have an anti-virus, so this file cant be saved…
    @ after downloading it delete the file…
    So how to get it downloaded…♀

    • Antivirus deletes the cracks and patches of software… you have to restore the deleted files from Antivirus quarantine list. Add exception for the files that you do not want to get delete…

  8. I can confirm this does NOT work on Windows 32 bit Operating Systems. Sony Vegas Pro 13 is ONLY available on 64 bit Operating Systems. It says that on the website as well.

  9. Works for me..!! Thanks bro 8 searched for the serial and authentication key but all in vain. Thi was a life saver for me. Thanks….

  10. Hmm. I’ve done all downloading steps,then the version is not compatible.What the
    *?…. My sony vegas 11 trial has run out of time.. And this version doesn’t compatible.. So what version is compatible for windows 7 except sony vegas 11 ? Is there a solution for this? Thank you 🙂

  11. Links are down. The main and mirrors. Please fix when you have time. If anyone has another mirror I would appreciate it.

    • its simple … download links are given in the post you just have to click them and they will take you to the file hosting website. from where you can download your files…

  12. hi, plz help how to download sony vegas pro 13-32-bit. is it available for 32-bit system? i try to find but only availble for 64-bit.

    much appreciated if you can provide me the download link.


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