Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack For Windows and Mac Download

Wifi Hotspot Creator Full Version

Wifi Hotspot Creator For Windows and Mac Free Download

Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack is the tool that makes fully working WiFi connection on different platforms like WIndows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac system. In the age of Technology internet is getting a necessity evil. So we use different methods for connecting to internet. One of the most used way for sharing a connection on different PC and devices is through WiFi. Many tools are available on the internet for creating WiFi hotspot but most of them not works.

Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack Fully working is the tool that enable you to connect several devices on a single network. If you  have a wired connection and you want to use internet on you other devices like Smart phones and tablets. Connection sharing will not be easy. But with the help of Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack Free Download you can easily share you wired connection via Hotspot on other devices. If you are visiting a hotel where you have to pay per device for the internet connection. Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack 2015 can simply do your work. It can create hotspot to connect multiple devices so that you can use it easily without any problem.

Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack Full is developed by the developers which made it a great tool. Developers community published it for the problem solving of network sharing. So using of this tool is very easy and is time saving. It creates WiFi network on a simple one click.


  • During the hotel stay when you are outside. Where internet charges are paid per device basis. Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack Activated let you to make and use Hotspot from a single device to use.
  •  It has the repeater mode for the WiFi which repeats the WiFi signals and amplify it. It makes the internet speed same as on the devices and seamless streaming.
  • It gives unlimited bandwidth and there is no restrictions over the connectivity time.
  •  It creates the bridge connections over the network and this make it enable to use for the gaming consoles and on the network with ease.
  •  No background processor are used which saves battery and less ram use.
  • It creates maximum connections for connectivity and no additional pop ups appears.
  • It has included support for the use on maximum internet devices and specially for the latest and popular manufacturers.
  •  With Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack Pro edit of Network SSID is no more difficult. It let user to edit the network name on a simple click.
  •  It provides maximum encryption to the network by using WPA2-Personal (AES) encryption. It let user to set password of their own choice.
  • Unlike the normal ad-hoc networks the network created by Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack latest is not ordinary. It is very fast then other ad-hoc networks.

Whats New in This Version:

  • Some tweaking are done.
  • Bugs are fixed which were in previous versions.
  • Increased compatibility with the new versions of Windows and Mac.
  • New interface and improved design for rich user experience.
  • Improved stability with change in basic theme.
  • Improved connectivity and fast speed for connected device.

One Time Settings for Wifi Hotspot Creator:

For first time, use these steps.

  • Go to Toolbar and click on the Network icon open Network Sharing Center. You can directly open it by going to control panel.
  • Change Adapter settings by Click on the option available at top left of the page.
  • Now Right Click on the Network you want to be shared.
  • Now Select Properties.
  • In the properties Click on Sharing Tab.
  • Click on the Allow other network users to connect through this computer and let it to allow.
  • Settings is completed now just click OK.
  • Enjoy and remember this is only First Time Settings.

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Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack For Windows and Mac Download

Direct Download Links:

Download Now / Mirror


  • Download the software form the links provided.
  • Open the Setup.exe and install it.
  • Go through the installation procedure and follow all steps.
  • Launch the tool and use the desired name and password for creating Hotspot.
  • After entering all the required information create the Hotspot.
  • Enjoy.
  • If you face any problem regarding the download links and about installation and activation of the software. Just comment in the comment section provided at the end of the page.

Wifi Hotspot Creator Crack For Windows and Mac Download

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