Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For All MS Windows & Office Activation

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For Windows & Office Permanent Activation

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For All MS Windows & Office Activation

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 is the activation tool for the activation of Windows all editions including Windows 10 and all previous editions. It activates Office 2016 and different versions of Office and Windows. It is the most famous and best for the activation o f the different products of the Microsoft.. It is developed by the team of developer DAZ team.This is the combination of Ez-Activator and KMS activation for  the Windows and office activation. Microsoft Office 2016 Activation has both online and offline activated. There is no problem if the internet is not available. The offline activation works fine.

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System Requirements for Microsoft Toolkit 2.6:

  • It requires .Net Framework 4.0 or above. It do not works with the older version of the framework now.
  • No additional special requirements are needed.

What is new in Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 2016:

  • Working on Office 2016 currently. The Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 currently working fine on office 2016 but on some systems it may not work.
  • Extended its support to the Windows 10.
  • Added Licensing State message “Store License”. Occurs when getting the free permanent Windows 10 Upgrade.
  • Have to disable KMS Online Ticket Validation (Windows 8.1+) when activating.
  • Should disable Windows Vista Rearm Count with operating system support.
  • Fixation of Backup of Windows Vista due to lack of cache.dat
  • Auto fixed KMS Server Service crashand on XP due to corrupt HWID ability.
  • Improved and latest working TAP Drivers.
  • Improved and increased precision of WinDivert Uninstall.
  • It remove the Trial and Grace Keys when using EZ-Activator.
  • Now its support for KMS PID with 5 Digit Build Number.
  • Fixing of the small bugs and little house keeping.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Screenshots:

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For All MS Windows & Office Activation

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For All MS Windows & Office Activation

Download Now / Mirror

How to Use Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Latest:

  • Download the Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Beta from the links provided.
  • Extract the downloaded files using any file compression tool like WinZip or WinRar.
  • Open the Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 by giving administrative permissions.
  • At the main screen click the small Office and Windows icon/tab.
  • It shows the details of the office or Windows product installed on the PC.
  • After this click on the Activation toolbar. Then click on the Ez-Activator.
  • This will now automatically install KMS Server to the computer.
  • After this wait for some moments for the completion of installation.
  • After the KMS Server installation Office and Windows will be activated.
  • Enjoy.

The files are tested and working fine. Further if there are problems in the download links or in the activation process. Comment in the comment box to let us know.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For All MS Windows & Office 2016 Activation

38 thoughts on “Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 For All MS Windows & Office Activation”

      • Ok so then i check new update n installed them but if it shows that it’s not licensed windows activated on this system n the windows shows that not activated then what i will do..??

          • I use ms toolkit for activate my windows 10 n it will activated succesfully so can i update windows successfully or it comes error or if it shows that windows is not genuine or other problem..?

  1. dear Mr. Ali, i have windows 8.1pro on my pc. i tried to activate using mstoolkit. installation of autokms goes well. but, when i click on activate, it gives an error saying “no installed product key detected”. please help me out if you can

  2. usually it gives 180 days activation..but as soon as keys are about to expire it replace them making activation on permanent basis… yes you can uninstall it but better to keep it installed….

  3. i have a problem that occur some text like this after i click the ez-activator. can i know why ? and how to resolve it. thank you

  4. In the Information Console, it said “Supported Office installation was not detected in the system”, but I have already had Office 2016 installed.
    I just bought this new PC and it has Office 2016 pre-installed (not yet activated). Can you help me?

    • you needed a volume license version for activation.. MS toolkit do not activate retail version of office installation.. for converting retail version to volume license version do these steps.. toolkit and go to customize tab. “installer path” and then browse to the setup of office retail version. “change channel” and then it will start converting to volume version. “make ISO” and browse original setup file and desired location to be stored.
      5.after it complete the process, uninstall office installation.
      6.install from the created ISO and then use toolkit for activation…

      In short if you do not wanted to do all these stuff, just grab ur download of office from our site and activate it…

  5. I need help, to crack/activate MSOffice 2010 Greek Language. I have try to download, but it open a new window to open via google drive. There I have stopped.

  6. Thanks it activated windows 10 pro but office professional plus 2010 says ‘no installed product keys installed or possible licence error’.
    I have one day left to activate, please assist


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